Virtual Shiatsu

Virtual Shiatsu from Fiona

virtual shiatsuI have been approached by a number of my clients about Shiatsu so I plan to offer virtual shiatsu appointments  via video or phone call, especially relating to stress and anxiety issues and supporting the lungs, kidneys and immune system.  Although shiatsu is a physical therapy, it is also very much an energy based therapy, working with the body’s meridian system and energy work isn’t restricted by time and space. 

I will be able to diagnose remotely which meridian systems I need to work on with you .  Then,  through a mixture of  guided self-shiatsu, guided meditations, breathing exercises, acupressure points, makaho stretches, Qi gong and EFT tapping we can work through the session together.

I also have lots of new tools from my kinesiology training: simple self-care methods, to balance your energy, feel more grounded and energised.

I will be able to show you powerful techniques for reducing anxiety in minutes and anxiety relief methods that you can use anywhere, anytime. 

I am able to offer:-

  • Individual virtual shiatsu sessions  via FaceTime or WhatsApp – available now
  • Group online sessions via Zoom
  • Plus mini videos on Facebook and Instagram

Please book individual sessions via the clinic either by phone – 0118 930 3535, via email – [email protected] or messaging us via our FaceBook account


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