Theale Christmas Fair – bugs and all

Ed & his bugs were a popular draw on Saturday when Theale Wellbeing Centre opened their doors for anyone wanting to ‘meet the bugs’. In addition to the bugs, including spiders, hissing cockroaches and praying mantis Ed also brought Mary Jane his cane snake. Mary Jane was on top form and happily moved from one person to another carefully managed by Amber, Ed’s assistant. Children and adults alike were fascinated and enthalled with the exhibits.

Ed runs Phobia Busting courses on a regular basis particularly for those who are afraid of spiders. Ed overcame his own fear of spiders and now has a wide collection of arthropods and other interesting insects. If you would like to know more about Ed’s courses follow this link.

Ed is arranging another day to meet with his bugs on Saturday January 27th. Visitors will invited to make a donation to The Village of Hope in India – a charity that Theale Wellbeing Centre supports.

Lloyd & Ali from our Podiatry team will be visiting India in January to treat the hands and feet of people at the village many of whom suffer with Leprosy. This is the second trip Ali has made – earlier this year she visited with a friend. Ali has instigated a training program for the onsite nurse and with the help of friends raised money to support an assistant.



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