Successful Weight Loss

weightWho doesn’t have difficulties with their weight these days? It appears that more and more people are becoming overweight and many of these people are on a losing battle to reduce the weight they have gained for a couple of reason.

Firstly, it is my experience that most overweight people are emotional eaters; these people are gaining something from eating regardless of their emotional reasons for eating (comfort, reward, stress release etc.)

Secondly, the rest seem to be simply over eating; having 1 mouthful extra per meal is enough to make a big gain over the course of a year. I have added my “Fuel Tank Analogy” to help you understand what I mean.

Fuel Tank Analogy

Food is just fuel, like petrol is for a car, a car will only use what it needs to. Now imagine if a car had an elasticated fuel tank, you would fill the tank and the car would use what it needs with the reserves being held back, you then refill what you initially put in the tank, possibly a little more and so on, the fuel tank will expand at the same time as only using what it needs.

This is a classic trait for overeaters, just one mouthful extra per meal per day than what is require is enough to put on weight over time, nobody every gains masses of weight overnight!

1 extra mouthful per meal = 1 unneeded mouthful x 3 meals per day = 3 unneeded mouthfuls per day, if you do this everyday for just one year then that’s 3 x 365 = 1095 of unrequired mouthfuls per year, which is a lot of meals extra per year than your body requires. I would encourage people to leave a little something on their plate each mealtime.

The most important thing to remember is that you should NOT expect to lose lots of weight quickly, no one gains 2 Stone over night and should not expect to lose 2 Stone over night. A healthy and steady loss of about 1LB-2LB per week is a good goal. If however, you lose a little more then fantastic, if you lose a little less, that’s also just as good, a loss is still a loss and therefore you are succeeding in achieving your goal. Forward is the right direction and a small loss is still moving forward.

Successful weight loss is about getting your body back to its natural way of eating by returning back to nature and to eat how we were designed to eat.

Speaking of nature this is a great place to start; there are no overweight animals in nature, FACT! An elephant is the right size for an elephant and an ant is the right size for an ant and the reasons why there are no over weight animals is because of the eating habits they have and this is exactly what I teach my clients.

There will be times when you will “fall off the wagon” but I want to reassure you that it is ok, you are human after all. The key point is not to beat your self up but to accept what has happened and then to go back to what you were doing to be successful.

Call me if you need some help getting started on the road to a slimmer, healthier you.

Ed Francis


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