Biodynamic Massage Therapy
Biodynamic Massage Therapy
Biodynamic Massage is a therapy that addresses both the body and the mind.  It provides a non-demanding, nurturing space that meets a person’s body whatever level/symptoms of stress it is experiencing.  This therapy puts no expectations on the body, instead it is an invitation to increase your understanding of what your body is communicating through your symptoms, supporting it to gradually re-establish the normal self-regulation and natural healing capacity we all possess.  It encourages curiosity towards symptoms rather than judgement of.
By using a combination of techniques, this therapy meets the emotional and physical needs of each individual.  As it is tailored to your individual needs, some people will experience biodynamic massage as extremely gentle and calming, another as energising and enlivening.
Benefits of Biodynamic Massage include:
  • More emotionally balanced, enabling us to better manage stressors
  • A sense of being more attuned with our bodies and its needs
  • Relief from chronic symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, tension
Increased energy and zest for life


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