Elbow pain in golfers

Elbow pain in golfers Tennis elbow is normally identified with pain on the outside of the elbow whereas Golfers elbow is often pain on the inside of the elbow. This condition is an overuse injury caused by repeated stress on the elbow joint. When the muscles are overused or strained small tears and swelling (inflammation)

Stress, Anxiety and Acupuncture

Stress and Anxiety There have been a lot of inquiries recently for treatments to help with stress and anxiety, which is not surprising because we have all been going through a very stressful time. There has been a lot of uncertainty, upheaval of our daily life, lack of stability – which is really hard. Anxiety

Increased exercise minimal risk of injury

Have you increased your exercise during lockdown? Over the lockdown period it has been said we will all come out the other side either ‘Hunks, Chunks or Drunks’ As I have been walking around our area of Berkshire I have noticed that the number of runners has increased. Whether you have been on furlough or

Patients Ingenuity

Emergency Home Visits brings out Patients Ingenuity As you can imagine it takes careful planning and preparation to make a home visitor for emergency footcare with all the PPE that is required as well as putting it on and taking it off.  This week I made a home visit to Mr & Mrs Keith who

What is Calcific tendinitis – Shoulder Pain?

What is Calcific tendinitis – Shoulder Pain? In this video Michael explains more about this condition and Shockwave therapy Calcific tendinitis is caused by the build up of calcium deposits in your muscles or tendons. In the case of your shoulder this is the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and

The New Normal

The New Normal I returned back into my clinic on the 1st June after implementing all the new procedures and protocols for legal and safety reasons. I have now done two full weeks of working and I can only explain it as ‘ the new normal ’!! Before we could return to work, vital CPD

Self-massage for your feet Video

Self-massage for your feet Video Everyone can benefit from some self-massage on their feet.  The technique I am going to show you is great for releasing the plantar fascia, this is the fascia that runs underneath your foot, which can cause a common condition called plantar fasciitis, but it is also great for releasing the

What is Theale Wellbeing Centre doing to keep you safe during your appointment?

What are we doing to keep you safe during your appointment? Unfortunately, the Covid-19 Virus is still with us and may be around for a while to come. Despite this the Team at Theale Wellbeing are keen to start seeing their patients as soon as they can. With this in mind and to reassure you

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary

Celebrating our tenth anniversary This week we are celebrating the tenth Anniversary of our opening so we had a small celebration via ZOOM including a quiz from our resident quiz master Michael Palfrey ably assisted by Mandy, keeping the score. The Clark-Morris family are very creative and put together this lovely banner as well as

Acupressure Points

Emily and Acupressure Points For the past 5 weeks Emily has been making videos, one per week, about acupressure points. We have had some great response to them especially last weeks about how to relieve hayfever symptoms. Just in case you missed them or would like to share them here they are all in one

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