Care For Your Immune System So It Can Care For You!

Caring for your Immune System There’s never been a more important time to look after your immune system to help it defend us against viruses and bacteria (and so much more). Let’s build up our defences: read on!  The immune system depends upon certain nutrients to stay strong such as:  Vitamin A helps our immune support

Virtual Consultations

VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS These are challenging times for everyone – who would have thought that a country could come to a complete standstill in such a short time. So now is the time to work together to help one another. Our therapist Yulia is keen to run some simple exercises via Facebook to help to keep

Keeping Calm During Difficult Times

Keeping Calm During Difficult Times We are now over the first week of isolation and for many it has not been easy. It is important to stay with what we have been told to do – Stay home! You are allowed to talk one run/walk/bike ride a day, and to only go shopping for essentials

Fungal Toe Nails

Fungal Toe Nails What is a fungal nail? The technical term for this condition is onychoMycosis. It shares the same infection as Athletes Foot – technical name T. rubrUm T. Interdigitales or dermatophytes. There are other things such as non-dermatophyte fungi such as yeasts and moulds which can also have a similar effect on the

Pregnancy Massage and Post-natal Therapies

  Pregnancy massage and Post-natal Therapies We offer a variety of treatments to relax, nurture and support you throughout your pregnancy journey, from your second trimester, into your fourth trimester, the postnatal period, and beyond. Pregnancy massage Pregnancy massage aims to relax and refresh you, by improving your wellbeing.   We aim to soothe and reduce

Valentines Day Gift

Valentines Gift We are really pleased to announce two new therapies available from 1st February. Ideal for a special Valentines gift we have Hot Stone Massages and Topic Signature Facials. Our newest therapist Holly Watson will be working alternate Saturdays starting on the 1st February. Tropic Signature facial – 60 minutes – £55 Using Tropic’s

Getting Ready for Winter Sports?

Prevention and Rehabilitation getting ready for Winter Sports The slopes are calling and the winter sports season is in full swing – are you hitting the slopes? Is your body ready for this increased activity? We often see people who have been inspired to suddenly increase their activity with various sports only to develop an

Chilly Weather and Chilblains

Winter Weather and Chilbains Although winter has been fairly mild so far it is likely that as we move through the usual two coldest months of the year some of you develop chilblains. Chilblains, whilst being uncomfortable rarely cause any permanent damage. The present themselves as small red or purple bumps on the toes (and

Minor Nail Surgery – ingrowing toe nail

When is Nail Surgery necessary? There are occasions when despite your best efforts nail surgery is required to give a permanent solution to the painful and potentially dangerous condition of an ingrowing toenail. At the Theale Wellbeing Centre we treat ingrowing toenails as an emergency due to the potential for pain and infection and will

Village of Hope pamper your feet day

TREAT YOUR FEET DAY On 7th December 10am-3pm At Theale Wellbeing Centre We are raising money again for tricycles for the Leprosy sufferers at the Village of Hope in East Dehli. Last year we raised enough funds for 57 tricycles . However, there are at least 60 people left on the waiting list so we

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