Can you change your thinking about past experiences?

Time Travel isn’t possible but changing your thinking about past experiences is!

Rapid Solution Therapy is now available at Theale Wellbeing Centre.

Rapid Solution Therapy

Image by geralt on Pixabay

In life we all make decisions, some we may regret some we are aware of and some we are not aware of.

What if you could go back and change your original decision?

What if you could change your past which in turn would change your present and future self?

Perhaps you could go back and change the decision you made about smoking?

Rapid Solution Therapy

Image by geralt on Pixabay

Our perception of an event can cause behavioural issues, like stress or anger, this perception can be changed.

Of course time travel isn’t possible, but psychological decisions we made in the past and perceptions we have can be changed and edited to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

I wonder what effect this may have on you and your life?

Rapid Solution Therapy is a modern and fast way to help overcome issues and behaviours one may have, if you’d like to know more, just ask me and I would be only too happy to help.

This is an approach that enables people to build change into their lives within the shortest possible time frame. Encouraging people to describe their preferred future, what their lives will be like after therapy has been successful.

Rapid Solution Therapy is said to be a language that the client can use to talk themselves out of the “problem”.

Ed Francis DCH

Clinical Hypnotherapist


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