Pregnancy Massage and Post-natal Therapies


Pregnancy massage and Post-natal Therapies

We offer a variety of treatments to relax, nurture and support you throughout your pregnancy journey, from your second trimester, into your fourth trimester, the postnatal period, and beyond.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage aims to relax and refresh you, by improving your wellbeing.   We aim to soothe and reduce your pain and discomfort caused during pregnancy and help to reduce common pregnancy conditions, and help to combat the tightening and shortening of the myofascial frontline, associated with the pregnancy posture.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage addresses any aches and pains that you are concerned about, and corrects your breathing pattern, which can be affected by the change in your posture during pregnancy.  Massage therapy helps to improve your recovery, combat the pregnancy and feeding posture and reduce your diastasis (tummy gap), all helping you to reconnect with your core and yourself after the stresses and strains that pregnancy places on you.

You might also like to visit this recent blog on scar therapy for c-sections.

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Naomi Qualters-Fry BSc Hons, ISRM

Clinical sports massage therapist,

Pregnancy & postnatal soft tissue therapist

Scar massage therapist

For more information on Naomi follow this LINK

Valentines Day Gift

Valentines giftValentines Gift

We are really pleased to announce two new therapies available from 1st February. Ideal for a special Valentines gift we have Hot Stone Massages and Topic Signature Facials. Our newest therapist Holly Watson will be working alternate Saturdays starting on the 1st February.

Tropic Signature facial – 60 minutes – £55

Using Tropic’s fresh, natural and sustainable products your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, toned and moisturised followed with a relaxing and soothing massage to the face, neck and décolleté. Tropic is 100% vegan & cruelty free.


Hot Stone massage – 60 minutes – £65Valentines gift

Heat-releasing basalt stones warm your muscles to help release tension, soothe aches and rebalance energy levels. This massage therapy blends the ancient art of stone massage with modern massage techniques to create a massage experience unlike any other you have experienced before! The many benefits include reduced muscle tension and pain, promotes improved sleep, reduces stress and anxiety and can help to lower blood pressure.

Gift Vouchers are available from our reception – call us now on 0118 930 3535.


Getting Ready for Winter Sports?

Prevention and Rehabilitation getting ready for Winter Sports

Winter SportsThe slopes are calling and the winter sports season is in full swing – are you hitting the slopes? Is your body ready for this increased activity?

We often see people who have been inspired to suddenly increase their activity with various sports only to develop an injury because they did too much too quickly. As long as the injury isn’t too severe it does at least have a positive side – when you come to us for treatment we can help you to not only recover from the injury but get your body ready for any increased activity. We can make you stronger working with you and your body preparing for those tempting ski slops.

Our specialist therapist Yulia works not only in rehabilitation (post operative, post injury, preoperative) but also in prevention.

Yulia will work with you to develop a combined series of exercises and treatments that will make your body stronger. You will be able to take on extra activity confident in the knowledge that your body can cope.

We work with a wide variety of individuals including:-Winter Sports

  • Skiers
  • Snowboarders
  • Cyclists
  • Runners
  • Tri/Duathletes

Making your body stronger will improve your performance. Even if you don’t currently have an injury if you are thinking about increasing your activity, or have a few niggles that prevent you getting the best out of your activity, book an appointment with Yulia and see what a difference she can make.

If you would like to know more about Yulia follow this link to our team page.

Call our reception team to book your appointment today with Yulia.

Chilly Weather and Chilblains

Winter Weather and Chilbains

Although winter has been fairly mild so far it is likely that as we move through the usual two coldest months of the year some of you develop chilblains.

Chilblains, whilst being uncomfortable rarely cause any permanent damage. The present themselves as small red or purple bumps on the toes (and other extremeties), they can be painfl and itchy. Sometimes they break open and become ulcers which can lead to infection.

Chilblains are caused by sudden drops in temperature causing the small capillaries to constrict and prevent blood flow getting to the tips of the toes. Problems often occur when feet are warmed too quickly after being chilled.

Individuals most likely to be affected include:-Chilblains

  • The young or elderly
  • Those with poor circulation
  • People working in cold environments
  • Those that are not very active
  • Individuals who have anaemia


It is important not to scratch them even though they may be itchy. Scratching will increase the risk of the chilblains breaking open and becoming infected.

Unsurprisingly the best way of avoiding this condition in the first place is to keep the toes, feet and legs warm and if they do become chilled, warm them gradually.

Try to avoid wearing anything that constricts the feet, such as tight shoes or event tight hosiery, that can reduce the blood supply. Good quality shoes/hosiery rather than quantity is the better approach.

Lotions such as witch hazel and calamine can be soothing and creams like lanolin can help insulate the feet at night.

If the chilblains have broken causing a wound, antiseptic ointment should be used together with a sterile dressing. If you have a condition such as diabetes you may be more at risk of infection. If in doubt see your GP or call us to book an appointment with one of our podiatrist.

Lloyd Clark-Morris,

Senior Podiatrist

Last minute Christmas Gift

Our vouchers make a lovely gift and can be for any value you need. Top to toe therapies including massages and specialist foot treatments.

Call today to arrange to pick one up.

Christmas Opening Hours



Minor Nail Surgery – ingrowing toe nail

When is Nail Surgery necessary?

There are occasions when despite your best efforts nail surgery is required to give a permanent solution to the painful and potentially dangerous condition of an ingrowing toenail. At the Theale Wellbeing Centre we treat ingrowing toenails as an emergency due to the potential for pain and infection and will try to get you seen in the clinic as soon as possible.

An ingrowing toenail is one that has put so much pressure on the edge of the toe, often due to its  curved shape, that the nail has broken the surface of the skin. Minor nail surgery consists of the permanent removal of the problematic side or sides under local anaesthetic.

While the two injections to the base of the toe may be slightly uncomfortable the procedure itself is painless. Any discomfort after the procedure can be managed with paracetamol although this is not always necessary.

The toe usually needs to be dressed for about a month following surgery but a couple of days off work is usually enough to give the healing process enough of a start. Sometimes recreational activities need to be postponed during healing e.g. sport but otherwise activities can be recommenced soon after the procedure.

When we carry out this procedure at the Theale Wellbeing Centre we always discuss the options with you so that you can make an informed decision. If you have been suffering with a painful toenail which you think may be ingrowing please call us and make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists.


Village of Hope pamper your feet day


On 7th December 10am-3pm

At Theale Wellbeing Centre

FeetWe are raising money again for tricycles for the Leprosy sufferers at the Village of Hope in East Dehli.

Last year we raised enough funds for 57 tricycles . However, there are at least 60 people left on the waiting list so we would quite like to get a few more!

Why not come along and let us TREAT YOUR FEET for a donation of your choice (or just pop in on the day for a coffee, cake and a chat).

Please call or message Mandy  (07920 445 284) or Ali (07957 835 685) to book your appointment.

Option 1 Nail shape, varnish and massage (20 minutes) Option 2 Hydrating warm wax therapy and massage (20 minutes)
Option 3 Nail shape, varnish, warm wax and massage (40 miniutes)

If you cannot make it on the day but would still like to support us then we would be very grateful for any donations of cakes or raffle prize. We also have a just giving page if you would like to done – LINK



Below are some messages from The Village of Hope

feetSonu (45yrs) depends on others for his survival as he cannot work due to deformity. He said” this tricycle is my hands & legs. Without this I cannot survive. Sonu is completely satisfied and happy with the tricycle. He also expresses his gratitude to you all.






feetGulesha Khatoon is a 60 years old widow. She is also one of the victims of leprosy and lives alone . Both of her legs have wounds and due to this faces a lot of difficulties to walk around and to take care of herself. After receiving the tricycle from the UK her life has changed. She can go around with the help of the tricycle. Now she is very happy and grateful for the tricycle.


Scar Therapy Massage for C-section, hysterectomy and abdominal scar recovery

Scar Therapy Massage

Since the birth of my two children my passion for pregnancy and postnatal therapies has grown.  It became quite apparent that the postnatal care provided to women was minimal, the main focus being to achieve a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and the healing needs of the new mum may be overlooked.

Around 1 in 4 pregnant women in the UK has a caesarian birth, without addressing the resulting scar with soft tissue techniques, dysfunction can occur.  Scar tissue can bind to local organs and tissues, causing that pulling feeling that some women can experience around the site of the scar.  It can also result in scar pain, back pain, pelvic organ dysfunction, poor sensation/numbness around the scar and a feeling of restriction as the wound heals and soft tissues are drawn in, affecting the body as a whole.  This is also the case for hysterectomy and any abdominal surgery.

Scar therapy is a treatment that combines massage and soft tissue release techniques to correct your breathing pattern and break down the adhesions that build up around your scar.  This is so important to allow your body to move freely, without restriction and to help you to reconnect with your core and heal post birth.

It doesn’t matter if you had your baby 6 weeks or 20 years ago, it is never too late to make change, to improve the changes that occurred to your body during pregnancy, after birth or abdominal surgery.

If you would like to book an appointment or find out further information please contact the clinic.






Naomi Qualters-Fry BSc Hons, ISRM

Clinical sports massage therapist,

Pregnancy & postnatal soft tissue therapist

Scar massage therapist

For more information on Naomi follow this LINK

Stress Awareness Week – November 4th – 8th

Stress Awareness Week

Stress is something that affects us all and on a daily basis and it is ok, it is just the way our brain looks after us, as in helping us to stay away from perceived danger. Stress is an instinctive mechanism that we can’t actually live with out however, that being said, we absolutely CAN manage it.

We teach ourselves to be stressed by not managing our symptoms and so that feeling becomes the normality, so if we can learn to be stressed, we can learn to be relaxed.

The best place to start is to avoid this “S” word and instead use words like “CALM” & “RELAXED”. Close your eyes and control your breathing, then say to yourself, “I am calm, I am relaxed” and repeat 3-5 times.

Being more relaxed will improve your sleep, your digestive system and even your weight, there are so many benefits to being much more calmer as a person and the aforementioned is just the tip of the iceburg.

If you are suffering from stress or anger issues and finding it hard to control then Hypnotherapy can help you.

I offer a Free Initial Consultation where we can discuss your goals in confidence.

Stress awareness week is between the 4th and 8th November  – if you are struggling with stress don’t wait till then to contact me – call me TODAY.

stress awareness



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