Acupressure Points

Emily and Acupressure Points

For the past 5 weeks Emily has been making videos, one per week, about acupressure points. We have had some great response to them especially last weeks about how to relieve hayfever symptoms.

Just in case you missed them or would like to share them here they are all in one place:-

Always wash your hands before using acupressure points

Links are on the Week numbers

Week 1

Yintang can help calm the mind when feeling stressed, anxious or having difficulty falling asleep Just a few points before you view the video:-

Week 2

Massaging Large Intestine 4 can help relieve pain due to many conditions, such as headache or migraine, toothache, menstrual cramps, musculoskeletal pain.

PLEASE NOTE – The point can be helpful to control pain during labour, but it should be avoided at all other stages of pregnancy

Week 3

Point Small Intestine 3 is useful for neck and shoulder pain

Week 4

Point Bladder 2 is great for you if you are feeling the affects of hayfever including itchy eyes, sneezing, frontal headaches etc.



pic by Pete Linforthon from Pixabay

Week 5

Point Liver 3 is great when feeling stressed, tense, frustrated





Acupressure Points







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