Virtual Shiatsu

Virtual Shiatsu from Fiona I have been approached by a number of my clients about Shiatsu so I plan to offer virtual shiatsu appointments  via video or phone call, especially relating to stress and anxiety issues and supporting the lungs, kidneys and immune system.  Although shiatsu is a physical therapy, it is also very much an

Treating Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels Lockdown is a great opportunity to look after yourself especially your feet. What better time to get your feet ready for the summer and those beautiful sandals. Firstly, get on top of, and keep on top of, any hard skin around your heels to prevent them cracking and getting sore and unsightly. We recommend

My days in lockdown……………..

It’s okay to have good And bad days in lockdown I think it’s true to say that in the last 3 weeks I have good and bad days, days when I feel I’m coping extremely well and others not so! Failure to manage my stress levels during lockdown not only disturbs my sleep, but makes

Tips for new Mama’s during lockdown

New Mama ‘s CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival!  This is understandably one of the most exciting yet daunting times of your life, no more so with these uncertain times we find ourselves in.  Your body has been through an incredibly amazing, traumatic experience, whether you were able to have your desired birth plan, a natural

Moving from the sofa

Keep on moving With so much visual entertainment available it is so tempting to just sit on the sofa and escape into the world of visual media. So how can you motivate yourself to keep moving?       We’ve done a bit of research and come up with a range of activities for you

Staying healthy whilst working from home

How to stay healthy whilst working from home In these challenging times it isn’t always easy to keep healthy especially if we are working from home. Here are some tips on how to keep healthy and happy Set up your workstation correctly. Try to avoid working on the sofa with the computer on your lap.

Practical Footcare

Footcare information It is likely that your podiatry care has been seriously interrupted and unfortunately it is likely that interruption will continue for some time. We felt that it would be helpful to offer some basic footcare advice on how you might best be able to carry out some ‘self-management’ of your feet during this

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