Getting help to manage stress

Although much is talked in the media about this condition – normally bad stress – but actually feeling stress is perfectly normal when experiencing things such as exam time. It can be classified into two areas – the good and the bad. Sometimes at work it can be motivating (good stress) but there are times

De-stress with Biodynamic Massage

De-stress with Biodynamic Massage How common is Stress? In our fast-paced Western lives that we live, with so many expectations on our time and abilities, stress is a common experience; we are often so busy living that we don’t realise that stress is building up until the symptoms stop us in our tracks. It is

IBS and Acupuncture

IBS relief with acupuncture As mentioned in our March newsletter April has been a busy month for health awareness events including IBS awareness month. Many people have found relief from IBS symptoms using acupuncture. This therapy can help symptoms by:- Providing pain relief • Regulating the motility of the digestive tract • Raising the sensory

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