Chilblains Weather

It is likely that we will be experiencing a significant drop in temperature locally over the next few days. One of the foot problems with this sudden change in temperature is chilblains so we wanted to share some information and advice to reduce the chances of you suffering from this, often painful, condition. What are

Therapists Working Together, Podiatry & Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Podiatry – Therapists Working in Harmony Last summer a mother and daughter visited Lloyd (Senior Podiatrist) at the Theale Wellbeing Centre with a problem. The problem was in the form of verrucas on the right heel and a wart on her hand. While the cluster of verrucas was a little uncomfortable it was

January Bug Display

On Saturday 29th of January Ed Francis (Theale Wellbeings Hypnotherapist) brought in his bug display to help children and adults overcome phobias of creepy crawlies and to help raise money for our Village of Hope charity. It was a wonderful day and the room was packed full of people for the whole time. We even

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