Movement in Running Workshop
Movement in Running Workshop

Movement in Running

The “Movement in Running” workshops, run by Shane Benzie, are designed to be fun and interactive sharing both practical and technical techniques and information. They are ideal for both experienced runners and beginners as it’s all about movement not fitness.  All running analysis takes place outside in the natural environment.
The benefits of the Movement in Running workshop are
  • Improving running efficiency
  • Reducing the chance of injury
  • Improving PB’s
  • Running further

Workshop Content

The workshop will cover:
  •  Video analysis of current running form
  • Foot contact
  • Cadence
  • Posture
  • Your fascial system and what creates your elasticity
  • Arm swing
  • Lean
  • Breathing
  • Foot ware
  • Video analysis of new running form.
The day will include
  • An introduction to the theory of Movement in Running
  • Three outdoor runs captured on video spaced throughout the day
  • Review of the runs using the Movement in Running theory to improve technique
  • The opportunity to talk with our lead podiatrist about any foot or leg problems
Lunch is not include but there will be a break and there are a good selection of places to buy food.
Tea, coffee, water and biscuits are included.
 The cost of the workshop is £95 and runs from 10:am-4:pm.
To book your place call our reception on 0118 930 3535.
New dates to be announced soon.

A little background information about Shane

Shane Benzie is the founder of Running Reborn, a running technique coach and movement specialist. He has many years experience in outdoor fitness. His experience spans running, trekking and climbing in the Himalaya, Karakoram and mountains of northern India at altitudes of up to 6000 meters and temperatures down to -30, deserts to +50 and jungles with humidity up to 100% in countries such as Mozambique, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and the Amazon.
Over the last six years Shane has concentrated on ultra and multi-day running events. He has completed a number of 50 and 100 mile ultra runs including the Grand Union Canal Race at 145 miles, this was completed unsupported carrying all food and equipment taking only water from checkpoints.
Shane Benzie’s biog  on our team page
For more information about Shane on his website – follow this link .
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