Successful Weight Loss

Who doesn’t have difficulties with their weight these days? It appears that more and more people are becoming overweight and many of these people are on a losing battle to reduce the weight they have gained for a couple of reason. Firstly, it is my experience that most overweight people are emotional eaters; these people

Meditation and Mindfulness classes for everyone

Meditation and Mindfulness half-hour tasters to a 5 week course Many individuals are actively turning to Meditation and Mindfulness in order to help both prevent stress and stress related illness. During January and February our Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Judy Claughton, is running a series of Meditation and Mindfulness classes for anyone interested in meditation from

Theale Christmas Fair – bugs and all

Ed & his bugs were a popular draw on Saturday when Theale Wellbeing Centre opened their doors for anyone wanting to ‘meet the bugs’. In addition to the bugs, including spiders, hissing cockroaches and praying mantis Ed also brought Mary Jane his cane snake. Mary Jane was on top form and happily moved from one

LCN (Light Curred Nail) Nail Reconstruction Service

Nail Reconstruction Service Our podiatry team provide a Nail Reconstruction Service using a technique that involves the application of Wilde Pedique UV gel. This gel is specially designed for toe nails, it is an elastic gel resin which bonds well with the existing nail and also contains micro silver which has anti-fungal properties. It can

You are more likely to be bitten by a pet hamster than a spider

Spider Phobia Did you know that only a very small number of the larger species of British spiders have fangs even capable of penetrating human skin according to the British Arachnologial Society? So why are some humans so afraid of spiders and more importantly what can they do to overcome this fear? Here at Theale

Spring energy and exercise according to Chinese Medicine

Spring energy and exercise according to Chinese Medicine According to the ancient writings on Chinese Medicine we should adjust our lifestyle and live in harmony with the seasons in order to stay healthy… One of the oldest texts, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine has this to say about Spring. “The three months of

Mindfulness Meditation and Stress

Does Mindfulness Meditation really help reduce stress? “Yes!” says Amanda who was signed off work with stress last year, and has transformed her approach to stress through treatment from her Doctor alongside regular mindfulness workshops and a 5-week mindfulness meditation course at Theale Wellbeing Centre, near Reading. She talks about the changes.  “ At first

Transformation from a Few Tiny Acupuncture Needles

 Even the first session of acupuncture can be relaxing When people come for acupuncture for the first time, they are often surprised at how relaxed they feel when they are having treatment. “I feel like that feeling that you get when you have been on holiday for a few days, you know that really settled

What is Stress?

Becoming Stressed When we become stressed or under pressure the brain sends out a signal to your adrenal gland to produce adrenalin and cortisol. Adrenalin is secreted into the blood stream to trigger your heart rate and lung capacity to increase and to work in harmony to pump extra blood and oxygen to your legs

Make this one your last one – Stop Smoking

National No Smoking Day 8th March Wednesday 8th March 2017 is National No Smoking Day – is this a target for you? How many times have you said you want to stop smoking? “I can stop when I want to” “I’ll stop tomorrow” “I will stop next week” “I will stop in the new year”

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