Spring energy and exercise according to Chinese Medicine

Spring energy and exercise according to Chinese Medicine According to the ancient writings on Chinese Medicine we should adjust our lifestyle and live in harmony with the seasons in order to stay healthy… One of the oldest texts, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine has this to say about Spring. “The three months of

Mindfulness Meditation and Stress

Does Mindfulness Meditation really help reduce stress? “Yes!” says Amanda who was signed off work with stress last year, and has transformed her approach to stress through treatment from her Doctor alongside regular mindfulness workshops and a 5-week mindfulness meditation course at Theale Wellbeing Centre, near Reading. She talks about the changes.  “ At first

Transformation from a Few Tiny Acupuncture Needles

 Even the first session of acupuncture can be relaxing When people come for acupuncture for the first time, they are often surprised at how relaxed they feel when they are having treatment. “I feel like that feeling that you get when you have been on holiday for a few days, you know that really settled

What is Stress?

Becoming Stressed When we become stressed or under pressure the brain sends out a signal to your adrenal gland to produce adrenalin and cortisol. Adrenalin is secreted into the blood stream to trigger your heart rate and lung capacity to increase and to work in harmony to pump extra blood and oxygen to your legs

Make this one your last one – Stop Smoking

National No Smoking Day 8th March Wednesday 8th March 2017 is National No Smoking Day – is this a target for you? How many times have you said you want to stop smoking? “I can stop when I want to” “I’ll stop tomorrow” “I will stop next week” “I will stop in the new year”

Are your knees going to stand up to your skiing holiday?

Help to avoid ski injuries to the knees Most skiing injuries are to the lower extremities and the bulk of those involve damage to the knees. A lot of knee injuries occur through falling or when landing a jump. Whilst it may not be possible to prevent all of these injuries from occurring, many of

Does belly fat matter – yes it does!

National Obesity Week 9 – 13th January So far I still have seen/heard nothing on TV/newspaper/radio to tell me about obesity awareness week! But I am blogging on it. So – why is obesity such a problem? We all know the health effects – but why does a bit of extra fat cause so many

Five reasons to make Mindfulness Meditation part of your 2017 resolutions

Mindfulness is a form of meditation Mindfulness is a form of meditation and both are often in the media for their link to stress reduction, increased focus and improved happiness – but did you know they could help you lose weight and meet your wider 2017 resolutions and goals? Meditation Teacher Judy Claughton from www.BalanceTime.co.uk

On our way to India

Quick update about our trip to India We made it to the airport in plenty of time to catch out flight to India – in fact we were able to do a bit of shopping! Very Christmassy here still and feels a little odd to be leaving on Boxing Day when we are usually eating

Fear of Flying – need some help?

Is a Fear of Flying stopping you enjoying life? Fears and phobias can be debilitating and can get in the way of enjoying various aspects of our lives. This is particularly true of a fear of flying. A fear of flying can inhibit career development or prevent you from enjoying holidays. One of my first

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